Memory Enhancement from Photographic Memory Training

memory enhancement

Photographic Memory – The Holy Grail of Brain Power

Learning how to properly access and use your photographic memory should be your number 1 priority when building brain power or taking control of your life through any self help method.

My clients report to me, when they tell others about the results they are getting with their new mind power, they are met with blank stares and “That’s impossible!”, “Who do you think you are?” retorts.

I say, “Stand up and be counted; as a progressive thinker and Doer.” You are looking at doing something incredibly good for yourself. By exercising your brain this way, you are becoming a better, more intelligent – a person responsible for the good they bring into the world in trying times.

Psychology tells us that people that nay-say your desire for growth are not willing to put in the effort for them to change. In turn, to justify their laziness, they will attempt to discredit you or what you want to do, for
you to abandon your efforts. They may say things like, “You are a fool to think you could do that.”

My clients know a different story from their results.


Many people were criticized for achieving impossible things throughout history…

· Tesla – Inventor, once considered one of the wealthiest people in the world had his antagonists, and died a pauper.

· Galileo – Astronomer, was accused of heresy because he claimed the Earth to be moving around the Sun, instead of adhering to the Church’s Idea that everything in the Heavens revolved around the Earth.

· Michelangelo – Artist, most of his life was poised upon a knife’s edge. He encrypted his notes and destroyed his diagrams of artwork he was working on.

· Socrates – Philosopher, sentenced to death for teaching mainly about mathematics and answering questions about our natural world.

Why should you be concerned with what others are saying? Perhaps they just do not want to be outdone.


What Mental Photography can do for you…

When you learn Mental Photography, you tap into the natural power you have had all along. You are reclaiming what you were born with – your photographic memory.

When you stimulate your photographic memory by using Mental Photography, your brain is exercised and gets stronger. Likewise, your memory becomes stronger as well. As you assimilate massive amounts of information, you trigger the growth of dendrites (memory storage) and strengthen the neural pathways to and from your memories.

Memory enhancement is the result of using Mental Photography and your photographic memory. Self empowerment, confidence, assertiveness, and many other valuable attributes are amplified within you.

Great Things Happen Here!

Dr Shannon Panzo