Brain Power for Memory Enhancement

Brain Power

Ask Yourself…

Where would you be right now if you did not have information?

Sure, it is an absurd way of thinking about it.

You must have information to…

– Speak in any language
– Understand what you see, hear, or experience
– Be able to join thoughts into more complex ideas
– …Your basic communications depend on it.

Without using your brain power in this way, you would never be able to…

– have a hobby
– Have a job
– Drive a car
– Participate in conversation
– Make decisions, and so on.

Dr Shannon, I don’t get it! Why are you telling me this? I already do those things and more!

To properly use your brain power is to crawl before you walk, then onto running, then flying. To get to where you are now means you have come along way since you were born. BUT… You still have a long way to go to be your ultimate best self..

Your history started here:

When you were born, you were born genius – an information sponge. Your natural eidetic memory, or photographic memory, is fully engaged, assimilating a world of information for lifelong storage and access.

Since most information is taken in visually, most people become visual learners. Even today, the way you access different types of memory is by eye movement. Thus, memory enhancement can be achieved by using simple eye exercises. Even people that are blind from birth can enhance memory by using the same exercises.

FACT*: When you have better access to your memories, you are SMARTER.*

Memory enhancement is a natural bi-product of using Mental Photography Training. The steps train you to access your photographic memory, which further stimulates your memories with new information.

Great Things Happen Here!

Dr Shannon Panzo