Brain Management specializes in teaching photographic memory, brain enhancement, and other progressive mental techniques.

Brain Management, the brain child of Dr. Richard Welch, the “Father of Mental Photography”, and Dr. Shannon Panzo, focuses on teaching people about the natural functions of their brain, and how to create a better life by using these natural functions.

Often referred to as brain hacks, there is nothing surprising that exercising your brain using these techniques will make you mentally more capable to do anything you want to do in life. The techniques are unique, and when used properly, create whole brain balancing, and elevate the rate of neuroplasticity – building your brain stronger and more resilient – resisting degradation.

The list of benefits from using natural brain functions are extensive and includes the following:

  • Photographic memory (eidetic memory)
  • Information gathering and retrieval
  • Increasing brain health and stamina
  • Production of complex neural structure and integrity

This provides real world results in; high speed learning, performance, stress reduction, decision making, communications, peripheral vision, testing, insights, creativity, awareness, mental agility, and intuition. Data accumulation rates can easily be in excess of 100,000 words per minute with retention for life.

These methods supercharge the photographic memory to enhance performance everywhere in life; reducing stress, increasing performance and decision making, elevating vocabulary and knowledge, and significantly increases health and well-being. Using a few easy-to-use synergistic techniques means a person can gain 100 times the results of using the same techniques separately.

Since starting Brain Management in 1975 with the initial discoveries into Mental Photography, we have accumulated over 40 years of data and results keeping us ahead of the scientific community.

Previous versions of our trainings have led to the better, more advanced techniques within ZOX Pro Training; Internet based training, the Brain Management and Advanced Brain Management Seminars, and the Advanced Brain Management Coaching.

Over all that time, we have specialized in one focus, making us the experts in this field.

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