Mindful Living with Brain Management

Mind Power

Amazing Moments

There are amazing moments that simply happen. When they do, it is wonderful to stop and observe that moment for as long as possible. They tell you much about your world, and how you fit into that world.

Today, I was walking along. Suddenly I noticed everything around me just stopped. There was no movement, no wind, no sound… nothing. It was if everything was holding its’ breath; afraid to break the silence. The silence penetrated to the core of my being. I treasured the experience of what the silence created. Then, just as suddenly as the silence was created, the sounds and movement returned to fill the air. Everything was back to normal.

I am accustomed to hearing the different birds, the wind rustling through the leaves, and all the rest of the action and sounds it brings with it. When there is a sudden absence of sensory input, it gives you the feeling of what it is to be within the ‘now’. Only at the ‘now’ moment are all things at a standstill. It creates a feeling of calm.

Living for the Moment

Within Brain Management there are a myriad of directions that you can take. These are not based upon the system, but on the individual. Since no two people are alike, so too are the paths that can be taken. The past has victories and regrets. The future gives you stress as you don’t know what will be taking place today or tomorrow. The idea of living in the now seems a foreign idea to most people as you would be giving up the past and the future. Many meditation methods focus on quieting the mind – to reach that point of silence where all things stop and you can observe and contemplate.

In your daily world, being in that state of ‘now’ may only exists for a moment. Or you may be lucky enough to experience what I experienced today. When it happens to you, feel it, be one with it. Capture and catalog that experience in your mind, to reflect upon it again and again.

The World is in a State of Confusion

Confusion… is the state of mind of the masses. Most people do not notice what is happening in plain sight all around them. Their mental blinders are on. Perhaps they are too busy to care, or maybe it is all too overwhelming for them to take onboard. They build a perception of the world that is not real; papier-mâché, delusion, fantasy. It is much easier than to accept that you are a component of the real world. Evidence of this is found in the abuse of illicit drugs and prescription psychotropic drugs. (In 2016, 1 out of every 6 people in the USA was on some type of psychotropic drug. That number will have changed considerably since.)

Remove the Veil and Face Reality

I am not suggesting that people go against what their health professional says to do. However, it is widely known that prescriptive drugs have been over-proscribed. Perhaps a reassessment is in order. Reality is just that; the harsh reality. No rose colored glassed in the real world. It is you and the results of what you do. Can you affect that in a positive way? Of course you can.

What is Photographic Memory Training?

When I talk to people about the photographic memory and how it will do so much for them, most people don’t get it at first. They do not understand what it does and what they should expect. The Hollywood version is the furthest from the truth. Even the skeptics begin with thinking you should have a pixel by pixel rendition as to what you be seeing. It does not work that way. To have that as your only goal of using your photographic memory is extremely short sighted. Although, learning how to use your photographic memory and exercising your brain this way will help you in magnificent ways.

The photographic memory is the Holy Grail of brain building and increasing your mind power. You have a multitude of untapped mental abilities that have never been used. You do not even know they are there. Those abilities have always been there. Exercising your brain to access your photographic memory does create things to happen in a different way in your brain. It is much bigger than what you can imagine your photographic memory to be. Don’t react in fear. Your extensive abilities have always been there. They have always been a part of you. They make you a better human!

Great Things Happen Here!

Dr Shannon Panzo