National Education Association Statistics. ** On average, you miss 23% of the pages, so comprehension is 77%. After 3 passes, comprehension is 90% plus.

What is Brain Management Training?

Brain Management has been shown to activate all four brain states to the maximum simultaneously and is currently the only known method of whole-brain learning to do this. We utilize abilities innate in every person and proven by numerous universities. Our techniques involve Mental Photography and relaxation and personal growth techniques, effect hemispheric balancing and the synthesis of your conscious and subconscious mind through opening neural pathways in the brain. In other words, our techniques enable you to access significantly more of your brain’s capacity. Most people may only knowingly use a fraction of their brain for their benefit. Brain Management Training increases dendrite growth, no matter your age, increasing the volume of your brain and overall well-being.

Information: What is or Can Be Known

Information management is a broad term. Brain Management training functions on all levels of consciousness to enhance your ability to manage information. You choose the information and are always in control.

Erwin Schrodinger, the quantum physicist, famously said “The total number of minds in the universe is one. In fact, consciousness is a singularity phasing within all beings”. Thus, every memory is available to you. In fact, as per Schrodinger, all of the past, present and future is within you.

Eidetic memory is the ability to recall everything available to you. As such, every person has an eidetic memory. Our training enables you to use these innate abilities at will.
For example, learning Spanish for an English-only speaker typically involves many hours learning vocabulary, grammar and general structure of the language. After enough practice, the information finally “sticks”. In most schools, people are taught to read by rote, which as you can see is the most inefficient method!

The conscious mind is for thinking and analyzing. The subconscious mind is for doing; you do not think about every stage of your breathing process. Because Brain Management training exercises the subconscious mind so rigorously, everything becomes easer because you are exercising the part of the brain specifically responsible for doing.

Brain Management Training for Information Management

Brain Management training’s Mental Photography technique sends information directly to the subconscious with 100% retention for life, 77% comprehension after one pass and 90% or above comprehension after three passes. Average reading holds 50% comprehension and 5% retention after 48 hours. Mental photography starts at 2 pages per second. Our Brain Management training is unique in this fact and allows you to retain and recall 100% of the information years after mentally photographing the material.

Hours of study can be condensed to a few minutes. Mental Photography has 100 times the impact of reading. After mentally photographing a book, upon reading said book, it will be as though you have read it through 100 times. Subconscious information processing has been shown to be much more sophisticated than conscious information processing (see study). This enables you to focus more on the application of knowledge and spend less time on the acquisition of knowledge.

Brain management is so effective for information management because our techniques target the area and pathways of the brain responsible for managing information. What can you achieve?